Spare Parts & Accessories

Boating Accessories, Spare Parts and Equipment

Adrians Marine Centre stock a wide range of boating accessories and spare parts to make your time on the water more enjoyable. All of the brands and products that we stock have been hand selected and meet our requirements for value, performance and durability – we do not carry anything that we wouldn’t be happy to use or install on our own boats.

Our full range of stock is too large to include on our website, so we recommend visiting us instore or getting in touch on (07) 4153 1819 to find out if we have a particular item or accessory available.

Boat Lights:

Our range of boat lighting includes cabin and interiors lights, deck lights, flood lights, LED globes and bulbs, navigation lights, underwater boat lights and handheld spotlights or torches.

Safety Gear:

Safety gear is a top priority for every vessel and should be taken seriously. Our range includes life jackets including kids and infant’s life jackets, fire extinguishers, EPIRBs & PLBs, anti-slip tape, bailing scoops, air horns, kill switches, lifebuoys, safety hooks, safety tethers and more.

Trailer Accessories:

We stock everything you need for your boat trailer including jockey wheels, tie down straps, rollers & brackets, side lights and LED lights, reflectors, skids, winches, plugs & cables, and other accessories.

GPS & Electronics:

Add additional functionality to your boat with our wide range of electronic accessories. Our in-house servicing team can also install any electronic accessories for you. Our range includes battery boxes, trays & chargers, bilge blowers & fans, fuse boxes, cables, plugs & sockets, connectors & terminals, boat horns, switches & switch panels, windscreen wipers and more.

Outboard Parts:

We have a wide range of outboard parts to suit different makes and models. The range includes fuel filters, oil filters, impellers, water pump repair kits, propellers, mounting brackets, skegs, tiller, anti-ventilation plates and more.

Boat Products:

These are just some of the more common product categories that we stock instore; we also carry products for the cleaning and maintenance of your vessel, navigation, ropes, radio and stereo equipment, seating, deck and cabin hardware, anchors, pumps and more. Visit Adrians Marine Centre to browse the entire product range.

Boating Accessories

Get in touch with Adrians Marine Centre on (07) 4153 1819 for more information about our full range of products.