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Boat Repairs and Rebuilds in Bundaberg

Adrians Marine Centre provide boat repairs and rebuilds in Bundaberg. Our experienced and certified technicians service all makes and models in our fully equipped workshop with the capacity to repair outboards, gearbox problems, aluminium repairs, boat trailers and much more.

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Boat Repairs:

Often boat repairs begin with a general service, especially if you don’t know what is causing the problem. Other times you’ll be able to tell us exactly what’s gone wrong and we jump straight in.

Some of the most common boat repairs we work on are related to over heating or hitting obstacles like rocks, however our team have decades of experience and have worked with just about every type of fault or issue you could imagine.


A lot of the newer outboards use computers and we can plug a laptop in to pull up your fault reports. This will help us identify any problems caused by overheating or sensors not operating correctly. For older models, we have to do it the ‘old fashioned’ way but our experienced team have worked with just about every single make and model available on the market and are familiar with the quirks and characteristics that each brand entails.

Boat Rebuilds and Replacements:

The team at Adrians Marine Centre can rebuild parts of your outboard, gearbox or trailer. For trailers and aluminium work, we have welding equipment and capabilities on-site. Gearboxes often require rebuilds after hitting rocks or other obstacles, and we have all of the required parts, equipment and skill to complete that in-house as well.

Rebuild vs Replace:

Often for older models, it can be more economical to replace something than to rebuild it. Parts for older boats can be hard to come by and be quite expensive; replacing it can work out to be a similar price while providing new warranties and extending the boat’s lifespan.

If this is the case, we will discuss your options with you – we can often source a second-hand replacement allowing you to choose which price point suits you the best.

Spare Parts and Accessories:

Just need a spare part? We have a huge range of boating spare parts, accessories and equipment available instore including oils, filters, replacement parts and more. Visit our store or get in touch on (07) 4153 1819 to find out if we have a particular product in stock. Learn more.

Boat Repairs and Rebuilds

Get in touch with Adrians Marine Centre on (07) 4153 1819 for more information about our full range of boat repair services and capabilities.