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New Boats for Sale in Bundaberg

Adrians Marine Centre have one of the widest ranges of new boats for sale in Bundaberg. We carry a wide range of brands in a variety of different makes and models to suit different budgets and water activities. Our trained and experienced staff – all boating enthusiasts themselves – are on hand to answer any questions that you might have, or to help you select the best option to suit your lifestyle, whether you’re fishing, diving or water skiing.

Adrians Marine Centre offer a comprehensive service that includes the fitout of your new boat. When you visit our store, we will help you select the right vessel and outboard and then we’ll go through the configuration of the boat, discussing any additional features or accessories like GPS or sounders that you’d like installed. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll order in all of the parts and fitout your new boat to your exact requirements.

For more information about buying a new boat from Adrians Marine Centre, drop into our store or give us a call on (07) 4153 1819.

Boat Brands for Sale:

Our range of new boats includes options from three well-known brands – Stacer, Polycraft and TABS. We have selected to partner with these brands because they make high-quality products that meet our standards for value and durability. We have a number of each brand’s products in our yard available to view, however we can order in any of their current stock so if there is something in their range that you’d like us to order in for you, just let us know.


Stacer Boats:

Stacer have a huge range to choose from with 74 different models across 7 ranges. Their boats are made from high-quality aluminium, have an Evinrude motor and come with a 5-year warranty.

The Stacer range includes options ranging 2-6 metres in size ensuring an option to suit everyone – from entry level open boats and tinnies through to the Bowrider range for luxury water cruising or the Cabin Range which boats a bit more space for over nighters.

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Polycraft Boats:

Polycraft are an Australian brand that make a variety of boats using polyethylene instead of aluminium. Polyethylene has a huge range of benefits make it the perfect material for making low maintenance vessels – people who own a Polycraft boat love the soft ride, the durability and most of all, the low maintenance hull!

Some of the benefits of a Polycraft boat include:

Stability: These boats boast unmatched stability at rest due to a unique hull design that features pronounced chines.

Soft Ride: Polycraft boats flex to absorb the impact of the sea, kind of like the shock absorbers on your car work.

Low Maintenance: Polyethylene is less susceptible to marine growth and is not affected by electrolysis or osmosis. This means no corrosion and easier cleaning.

Strength: Polyethylene has 5 times the strength of fiberglass making it one of the strongest boats on the market.

Warranty: All Polycraft boats come with a 4-year hull warranty.


TABS Boats:

TABS stands for ‘Tough Aussie Boats’, and they are built to last. Using a plate hull design, they are a thicker aluminium boat and can take a bit more of a beating. This makes them a better option if you’re travelling with them off-road or doing more extreme stuff. TABS boats also tend to be a bit bigger, boasting the largest vessels in class and with deeper sides.

TABS have a number of different sizes and ranges available, and offer a 2-4 year warranty on all of their models.

New Boat Trailers:

You’ve got your boat, now you need to sort out the trailer. We carry boat trailers from all the major brands and will help you make sure that you get the right trailer to suit your new boat. Some boats – such as the Polycraft – have specific trailer requirements to ensure that your full warranty is kept intact.

Like our boats, our range of trailers can be customised to suit any specific requirements that you have.

Financing and Insurance:

Need help financing your new boat purchase? We have partnered with a number of industry leading financing and insurance companies to provide our customers with a complete and comprehensive service. Learn more.

New Boats for Sale

Get in touch with Adrians Marine Centre on (07) 4153 1819 for more information about our full range of new boats available for sale.