General Servicing
General Servicing

Boat Servicing Bundaberg

Adrians Marine Centre in Bundaberg provides comprehensive boat servicing and repairs completed by our experienced team of certified technicians. We have a fully equipped workshop onsite, enabling us to work on all makes and models. Get in touch on (07) 4153 1819 to book your boat, outboard and/or boat trailer in for a general service.

The Importance of Boat Servicing:

Just like your car, your boat requires regular servicing to ensure that it remains well-maintained and operating efficiently. Many newer boats that are still under warranty also require regular servicing at set intervals to retain their warranties and to ensure that you are covered if something breaks or requires repair.

The regularity of your services will vary depending on your boat’s make and model as well as how much it gets used, but the average is once every six months. We would also recommend getting a service check-up if you haven’t used the boat in a while and are planning a big day out on the water.

What’s Included in a Boat Service?

Our general service can include your boat, your outboard and even your trailer if required.

Outboard Service:

  • Gear oil
  • Water pump
  • Pellers
  • Spark plugs
  • Thermostats
  • Grease all the linkages and grease points
  • Degrease anything amiss

A lot of the latest outboards have computers, so if that is the case then we’ll plug the laptop into them and get the latest diagnostic report to show us any faults that the engine has picked up over time.

Boat Service:

  • Internal fuel filters
  • Batteries
  • All electrical components and accessories
  • All safety equipment and fixtures
  • Seating
  • Visual of the hull – making sure there are no cracks or rust

Boat Trailer Service:

  • Wheel bearings
  • Brake
  • Wiring and lighting
  • Straps
  • Visual of the frame to ensure no breakage, cracks or rust

Boat Repairs:

If we do find any faults or issues that need to be addressed on your boat, outboard or trailer then we will get in touch with you to discuss it and give you a price for the repair or replacement. We will always get your approval before making any costly repairs to your boats so that you are guaranteed no surprise bills.

Book Your Boat Service:

We recommend calling to book your boat in 1-2 weeks in advance as we are often booked out 2 weeks ahead. Servicing will take one day, so drop your boat off in the morning and we’ll call when it is ready to be picked up again. If you give us your make and model when you call, then we will be able to give you an over the phone estimate however we won’t be able to confirm the price until we have seen the boat in person.

Boat Servicing and Repairs

Get in touch with Adrians Marine Centre on (07) 4153 1819 for more information about our full range boat services.